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Byron Bay Chilli Company - main meals - Page 6
main meals

main meals

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spicy lemongrass chilli/pumpkin stew
3199   1
Soft chunks of pumpkin combine with fragrant spices, chillis and lime juice to create a very memorable vegetarian stew.
spinach and pesto lasagne
2180   0
Layers of green and white make this sumptuous lasagne an interesting change from the tomato-based version. There are several steps involved in its preparation but the result is well...
2670   0
Chicken Kiev comes to Byron Bay via Mexico
3659   0
Delicious as a quick and easy main meal, snack or party platter!
taste of summer tostadas
1662   0
A crisp-fried tortilla piled high with meat, poultry or seafood, beans, cheese, salad, guacamole and salsa...absolutely delicious!
2192   0
Meaning “little burro” in Spanish, a burrito is a large flour tortilla wrapped around a filling and traditionally eaten by hand. Don’t get carried away trying to put excess...
1906   0
The Mexican version of a toasted cheese sandwich, a quesadilla (kay-sah-dee-yah) can be enjoyed in its unadorned state or embellished with a variety of fillings. Good for appetisers, lunch...
1989   0
A different spin on the traditional red chilli, white beans and either pork or chicken make for a more subtle but equally tasty bowl full of spice. ...
59 results - showing 51 - 59  
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