heavenly habanero chilli sauce with mango
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Indonesian salad with spicy peanut dressing
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A colourful vegetarian salad that requires a modest amount of artistic skill to arrange all the ingredients attractively. Looks good and tastes even better.
sandwiches and burgers
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Our vegetarian daughters have given the “thumbs up” to this recipe.
johanna's fiery peanut sauce
dips and spreads
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A wonderfully simple and scrumptious concoction invented by our beautiful red-haired daughter Johanna.
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Delicious and easy to prepare for those days when you want homemade soup with a lot of flavour and minimum effort.
moroccan vegetables with couscous
chillies and stews
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This vegetarian stew has plenty of substance and heaps of flavour.
mouth watering quesadillas
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The Mexican version of a toasted cheese sandwich, a quesadilla (kay-sah-dee-yah) can be enjoyed in its unadorned state or embellished with a variety of fillings. Good for appetisers, or...
52 results - showing 31 - 40  
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